Dead Space co-creator would love to make a new one (itd still have co-op)

The clamor for a new Dead Space (opens in new tab) isn’t quite Skate 4 (opens in new tab) level yet, but it’s getting there. Now you can add Glen Schofield to the list of people who would love to see it happen. Schofield left Activision’s Sledgehammer Games in December 2018, but before he put out three Call of Duty entries, he was one of the creators of Dead Space at EA’s Visceral Games. A Game Informer (opens in new tab) interviewer asked Schofield which of the many games from across his decades-long career he would return to for a sequel if he could.

“Of course it would be Dead Space, that would be one I’d love to do a sequel for someday,” he answered. There would be some conditions: he’d do something that “didn’t have to follow some of the lore of the other two”. Too much baggage, especially as things went off the rails in the back half of Dead Space 3 (speaking of which, spoilers for a six-year-old game coming up).

“I actually thought in the end, when they introduced all the aliens and everything, I was like, ‘Wow.’ You didn’t need to! You had Necromorphs! Why did you need anything more!” Schofield said, laughing. “But it did beg a question, who came up with the Marker [the mysterious artifact that turns corpses into killer Necromorphs], so I understand all that.”

Not surprising that a creator wants to return to one of his most successful projects, right? It wasn’t just pie-in-the-sky dreaming though. Schofield had some practical ideas about how to get a new Dead Space greenlit in the modern games industry. Yes, one of them was co-op multiplayer. Let me know when you’ve stopped recoiling in horror, folks who prefer to pretend Dead Space 3 never existed.

“Story modes don’t have to be one player, and I think that’s sort of the key these days: how do we make story mode for everybody to play?” Schofield said. “And everybody understands story if they want to. So I think Dead Space wouldn’t take on a different look, but it would take on a different way of playing it, slightly.”

Even if Dead Space never returns, Schofield’s dream for an all-new project sounds like it could scratch the same itch: “darker sci-fi” in the neighborhood of Alien with an emphasis on shooting (he did make three Call of Duty games after all) and a dash of horror. Given Schofield’s previous track record with putting together big games, don’t be surprised if he comes back from this break and makes it happen.

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