DC introduces Justice League Viking for Endless Winter

DC has unveiled not just the first look at the new villain of its upcoming ‘Endless Winter’ crossover the Frost King, seen here in character design art from artist Howard Porter on the upper left corner of the page at right, but has added an informal name to the collective of ancient heroes who once fought the mystical menace – Justice League Viking.

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Comprised of the previously revealed line-up of Hippolyta, Swamp Thing, Black Adam, and the semi-obscure DC character of decades past the Viking Prince, ‘Justice League Viking’ is the behind-the-scenes moniker given to the team by writers Ron Marz and Andy Lanning, who spearhead the nine-part event.

“We felt like heroes would band together in every era, and we wanted to show off what we eventually came to call the Justice League Viking,” explains Marz in DC’s latest DC Connect preview catalog, where the new info was revealed.

“We had to sort out which characters would logically be around in the 10th century, and then figure out how those relationships work,” he continues. “The short version is, not everybody gets along.”

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Marvel Comics revealed a similar ancient super-team comprised of early versions of concepts that permeate throughout Marvel history such as Odin of Asgard, the Phoenix Force, and the Starbrand, referred to as the One Million BC Avengers.

DC also reveals in the ‘Endless Winter’ article that the Teen Titans will meet a new hero as part of the story – though they don’t provide any further details about what to expect.

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‘Endless Winter’ kicks off in December with the Justice League: Endless Winter #1 one-shot. Here are all the details on the crossover’s publishing schedule, and which books will be included in the story.

Curious about Black Adam, DC’s latest rising star? Here’s everything you need to know about Black Adam before ‘Endless Winter,’ and his upcoming movie.

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