Cozy brewery sim Brewmaster shows off two new features at the Future Games Show

Cozy brewery sim Brewmaster got a new trailer at the Future Games Show Powered by Mana, showing off some excellent vibes and a couple of new features.

The trailer outlines the entire brewing process, from your choice of ingredients all the way to the finished product. If you’re not already a master brewer, don’t worry, as recipes are spelled out for you to work from until you get your bearings. Patience is key (especially since the brewing process can often take more than a month to complete), but fortunately you’ll be able to fast-forward to the point at which you get to pour yourself the perfect pint.

As well as the in-depth process itself, the Brewmaster trailer shows the many ways in which you can customize both your kitchen and your tasting room. Arrange your tables and implements to make brewing as easy as possible, and then design the dream environment to savor the results of your hard work, from cozy, firelit front rooms to stylish home bars.

Finally, there’s also the new Freeplay Mode, which lets you put the recipe aside and make something that’s just for you. Add interesting flavors or a touch of sugar, tweak the pressure to affect the flavor of your beers and speed up the brewing process, or simply experiment to see just what concoction you come up with.

Brewmaster is heading to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam later this year. If you want to check it out a little early though, you can download a Steam demo right now.

For more awesome games featured during today’s Future Games Show, check out our official steam page.

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