Conan OBriens Halo 4 sketch includes in-game footage, geeky tomfoolery

Conan O’Brien paid a visit to the makers of Halo 4 last night in a segment that showed off brief scenes from the Master Chief sequel and O’Brien’s (fictional) role within it. The sketch, hinted at yesterday in Halo 4 release date announced for November 2012, took the ginger host to 343 Industries, where he met with Halo’s franchise director Frank O’Connor and executive producer Kiki Wolfkill to voice bit parts with co-host Andy Richter for an in-game sequence we sincerely hope makes the final cut.

Skip to the final minute for actual Halo 4 gameplay:

Following up on last night’s sketch, Conan’s staffers (aka TeamCoco) posted an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from 343 Industries. Pay attention to Conan’s debriefing for clues on Halo 4’s locations:

Two more behind-the-scenes videos from Conan and Andy’s voicing session were posted last night. Watch (and listen) to the hilarity ensue in Halo Soundbooth BTS Part 1 and Part 2.

It wasn’t clear if Conan will actually have a cameo in Halo 4, but you can bet we’ll be looking for him when the sequel drops for Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.

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