Chicklit Author Writes Doctor Who Book

Yes, we know, “Chicklit”, terrible term isn’t it? We’ve already spanked ourselves very hard for using it. Anyhow, Jenny Colgan is writing an 11th Doctor book!

Judging by the roaring chap clutching an axe and flaming longboat on the cover we’re guessing that it will be a historical tale (at least, in part). But what could the line “No one can escape the burning” refer to? Hopefully not an unpleasant STD. Let the speculation commence.

Here’s the usual blah about how ace it’ll be from Albert De Petrillo, Senior Editorial Director at BBC Books: “ Dark Horizons is simply a terrific Doctor Who story – fast-paced, thrilling and often quite funny, it captures Matt Smith’s Doctor perfectly and introduces some very memorable new characters as well.”

Turns out Colgan is a massive Doctor Who fan, who grew up reading the novelisations of the original series churned ou… sorry, painstakingly slaved over by Terrance Dicks back in the ’70s. (Hey, so did we! We should be best friends, Jenny). So the Doctor should be in safe hands.

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