Call of Duty Warzone thermite trick lets you remove the effects of stun grenades

You can remove the effects of stun grenades in Call of Duty Warzone by setting yourself on fire with a thermite grenade.

Setting yourself on fire isn’t the kind of advice you’d find in most military training manuals, but it might save your life in a Warzone firefight the next time you get hit by a stun grenade, as it turns out that setting yourself on fire with a thermite will cancel out the concussive effects of the grenade. This trick was spotted by Reddit user TwistedFate3 (opens in new tab) who posted up a video showing off the trick.

In the clip we can see TwistedFate3 hit themselves with a stun grenade, receiving the usual stun effect, which lasts for five seconds. They then hit themselves with another stun grenade and immediately follow it up with a thermite thrown at the floor. This sets them on fire, which cancels out the slowing effect of the stun grenade. You’re costing yourself some health or an armour plate, but it might be the lesser of two evils – five seconds is a long time to be stunned in a game like Warzone.

In reality, it’s a neat trick that you’ll basically never be in a position to pull off, as you need to be already looking down at your feet when you get stunned in order to get the thermite grenade off quick enough. Most people will have their eyes up during a gunfight, and trying to pull this off while your room is being breached is probably just going to get you killed. 

But as one commenter points out, it does suggest that you shouldn’t be following up your own stun grenades with thermites, as you could end up freeing your enemies from stun prematurely. So there’s your Warzone top tip for the day – throw the thermites before the stun grenades the next time you’re trying to flush someone out of a building.

The meta has changed with the advent of Season 3, so check out our Warzone best guns article to see what your weapon of choice should be.

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