Star Wars Heritage Pack bundle contains five classic games including Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Racer

A classic Star Wars games bundle has been added to the Nintendo eShop and it’s currently on sale.

As highlighted by Chris Scullion on Twitter (opens in new tab), Nintendo is currently offering five classic Star Wars games, including Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Star Wars Republic Commando, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed in a bundle called the Star Wars Heritage Pack. 

At the moment, on the UK Nintendo eShop (opens in new tab) you can pick up the Heritage Pack for £36.21 on sale, however, the rest of the time it will set you back £48.29. If you fancied getting just some of the games in the pack though, the good news is that almost all of them are on sale as well. 

In fact, the only one that isn’t is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed which is still set at its regular £17.99 price. This means you can currently pick up Star Wars Jedi Knight for £8.99, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 for £4.04, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer for £6.14, and Star Wars Republic Commando for £6.74. 

This new bundle was probably added to the Nintendo eShop in honor of May the 4th – better known as Star Wars Day. It’s still early days in terms of other potential Star Wars announcements being made today, but it’s looking more likely that we’ll be getting these sorts of reveals during Star Wars Celebration at the end of May.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but we wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of a Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order follow up or more news on the previously announced Star Wars Eclipse makes an appearance at the annual Star Wars fan event. 

In other Star Wars Day-related news, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga gets Mandalorian and Bad Batch characters to celebrate Star Wars Day.

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