Final Destination 5 trailer released

final destination 5

The first trailer for the fifth Final Destination movie has landed online.

Basically championing more of the same, this latest entry in the never-ending kill-a-thon franchise sees the survivors of another massive disaster (this time a suspension bride collapsing) picked off one by one.

New methods for mutilation include an acupuncture session and squirm-inducing laser eye surgery. Yeah, nowhere’s safe.

This time around, Nicholas D’Agosta stars as the resident psychic whose vision of utter carnage causes him to avert the inevitable and save a handful of lives.

But Death wants his dead people, and he’s sneaky enough to know how to get them. Check out the full trailer below:

Perhaps most enticing about this new entry in the franchise (that bridge carnage aside) is the return of Tony Todd as a creepy coroner who seems to know exactly what’s going on. Hopefully this film will give him more to do than the franchise usually allows him.

Final Destination 5 opens 26 August.

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