Bruce Willis and John Travolta to re-team for the first time since Pulp Fiction in new action movie

Bruce Willis and John Travolta are set to co-star in a movie for the first time since Pulp Fiction, according to Deadline (opens in new tab).

The pair will star in Paradise City, an upcoming action movie that’s just started filming. Willis will play a renegade bounty hunter who must fight his way through the Hawaiian crime world to wreak vengeance on the kingpin, played by Travolta, who murdered his father. The lead female role will be played by Thai actor and model Praya Lundberg. Chuck Russell, who previously helmed movies like The Mask and The Scorpion King, is directing – the movie is reportedly described as being similar to Miami Vice but with bounty hunters instead of cops. 

Willis and Travolta last worked together on Quentin Tarantino’s hit 1994 movie Pulp Fiction – Willis played boxer Butch Coolidge while Travolta was mob guy Vince Vega. The pair also appeared in Look Who’s Talking and its sequel Look Who’s Talking Too, but they didn’t appear on screen together – Willis only had a voice role in both movies.

Willis has recently appeared in movies like the crime flick Motherless Brooklyn alongside Edward Norton and Willem Dafoe and M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass. Travolta, meanwhile, has appeared in The Fanatic and The Poison Rose. He’s also had small-screen roles in the Quibi series Die Hart and as Robert Shapiro The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

While we wait for Paradise City to arrive in theaters, check out our list of the best Netflix action movies that you can watch right now. 

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