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In the light of the revelations about Marvel’s new alter ego for Spider-Man, SFX blogger Matt Risley looks at some other superheroes who have changed characters to fans’ alarm

Ultimate Spider-Man is no more. Or at least, not quite as we know him.

And yet while the 616 Universe (in non-nerd, read “normal version”) Spidey has, over the years, grown extra arms, been replaced by a clone (or seven), made a pact with the Devil, revealed his identity to the world, and – most criminally of all – made some decidedly dodgy costume choices (opens in new tab) over the years, there’s been quite the befuddlement/uproar over the Ultimate Universe’s decision to properly, actually, definitely kill off young Peter Parker and replace him with the half-Hispanic, half-black teen, Miles Morales.

But while fans and the right-wing get their webbed under-roonies in a twist, let’s not forget that he’s not the first big name hero to be replaced with an unknown – and, if comic-dom’s track record is anything to go by, an inevitable Parker resurrection isn’t out of the question either, no matter how vehemently Marvel want to bang the PR drum.

So for those struggling to cope with a Parker-less universe, take solace in these other big name knock-offs – he’s not the first, and he certainly won’t be the last.


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