Black Ops 2 “Hardened” and “Care Package” special editions detailed by Activision

Activisionannounced today (opens in new tab)that (total shocker) they’re going to be offering a couple tiers of pre-order options for their most hardcore fans. For those eagerly awaiting the launch ofBlack Ops 2 (opens in new tab), you’ll now havethree options (opens in new tab)to choose from when laying down your cash for the gaming event of the season.

First off, you could always just go to GameStop and put down your cash for the base game. But that’s so vanilla. So boring. If you shell out an extra $20 (total: $79.99) then you can get the Hardened Edition which includes a Steelbook case, “challenge coins”, soundtrack, and DLC. All of which comes in a cool package that looks like it came from space.

The mega edition will be known as the “Care Package” edition, and it includes a huge case of items. The Care Package comes with all the items in the Hardened Edition plus an actual, working quadrocopter drone inside a pretty amazing-looking tool box. All of which will run you $179.99.

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