The best RC cars you can buy in 2019

Whether you’re five or 50 you can be keen to pick up one of the best RC cars. From the most child-friendly remote control cars that scoot along, to the super-advanced specs designed for grown-ups who have a bit of disposable income, the market for these quote-on-quote ‘boys toys’ is saturated with an army of affordable, mid-range, and eye-wateringly expensive RC cars. But which ones are the best money can buy? Which are the ones that won’t leave you high and dry when you’re in the mood to explore the unknown depth of a puddle? And which will be able to outpace your mum in her Corsa? Fortunately for you you’re in great hands, with our rundown of the best RC cars to add to your shopping list.

Whether you’re more casually browsing the market for a truck that’ll do a playful, solid job at your local beach or sand dunes or for something with a bit more juice to hit actual car-like speeds, here are some of the best, most versatile four wheel options on the 2019 market. And if you need more stuff, check out the best Star Wars Lego kits (opens in new tab).

1. Hosim 1:10 Scale Monster Truck Cross-country Car

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Looking for something modestly priced that can handle itself off-road? Then the Hosim is right up your ally – or hilly countryside carpark. Point is, it’s one of the best drift cars on the affordable market, with two independent motors (as opposed to the solitary and standard one), allowing for reliable durability of handling when taking this 4×4 off into the wilderness and beyond. And with a maximum speed of 28MPH you can be sure its solid frame and tough PVC shell will be able to take a battering should your playtime turn all ‘The Fast and The Furious’. 

2. Redcat Racing Everest-10

(Image credit: Future)

This beastly machine has some of the best rear and front multi-link suspension RC money can buy and is one of the most robust vehicles out there, especially with its waterproof electronics. As well as looking great, its all-weather protection means you needn’t worry about going out rain, wind, or shine, so bombing it through wet terrain’s a welcome challenge. What’s more, you’re able to cover some more extreme grounds with this truck, with its sturdy four-wheel drive system and the ease at which its tyres can rock-crawl over the most precarious of areas. 

3. Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 Sport

(Image credit: Future)

This 4×4 electric-powered race buggy is one of the most powerful in its price range. As a nitro RC car, the Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 Sport is not only lightning quick in both speed and acceleration but handles itself well across all sorts of terrain with its proportional steering. And whether it’s sliding through gritty desert or bobbing on rocky ground, the aesthetic is particularly realistic. The notable thing about this one is how it can switch terrain levels with relative ease, meaning its shock absorbers and quality of tyre makes for a formidable car to go anywhere and everywhere.  

4.  Tamiya The Grasshopper RC car

(Image credit: Future)

A more affordable option, The Grasshopper is a re-release of the classic 1984 model that’s an easy-to-use RC buggy designed to run smoothly on tarmac and off-road. Its lightweight frame and ‘80s aesthetic will appeal to fans of the original buggy design. Unlike the other entries in this list, this one’s a building kit, so requires a bit of crafting before you can test out its resilience. The crafting process gives a satisfying experience from start to finish – plus there’s something rewarding having constructed it yourself rather than being a ready-to-race RC.  

5. FTX Outlaw Ultra-4 Buggy

(Image credit: Future)

Based on the USA’s Ultra-4 buggy, this machine is ideal for novices starting out in the RC world. Racers will notice how it’s ridiculously versatile when racing over uneven and precarious terrain, with a suspension system that actually allows the car to twist with the shape of the ground. It’s also fully adjustable with mounting options to better handle obstacles. And, thanks to the Outlaw’s tweakable suspension, means it handles and performs spectacularly on rough, desert terrain while hitting impressive speeds on flatter surfaces. Another plus is the removable body panels to reveals the roll-cage chassis which adds a different visual dimension to your racing. 

6.  Traxxas 4-Maxx 4WD Monster Truck

(Image credit: Future)

If you are really looking to splash out on a top-end muscle car, the Traxxas X-Maxx could be the spec you’re looking for. Known as the ‘King of RC Trucks’ and weighing 8.6kg before batteries, there’s not much change from $900/£1000 for this 78cm x 54cm monster. Its 14.5cm diameter tyres and all-metal shaft makes this tough enough for anything – including powering in and through water – in an attempt to hit 50MPH. Not merely waterproof, with the right modifications you’ll actually be able to turn it into a hydroplane. 

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