How to get the magic wand and star fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons magic wand is a unique tool that allows you to swap costumes and clothes from a pre-selected menu, effectively switching between full outfits in an instant every time you select the wand. You’ll need star fragments to make it, but with up to eight separate outfits stored in it at once, you can flick between formal and fun easily. However, to make that magic wand, you’ll need to find three star fragments or more in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We’ll show you how to get star fragments and how they’re best used below.

How to get star fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Getting star fragments in New Horizons requires you to go through a few steps – they probably won’t be accessible right from the beginning, and you’ll need to speak with some particular NPCs and jump through a couple of hoops before you can start properly storing them.

1. Wait for Celeste to appear on your island one evening

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If you’re new to the Animal Crossing series as a whole, you may not realise the importance of Celeste. She’s the sister of Blathers, the owl director of the museum, and usually, she’s the one who’s behind the observatory in previous games. It’s not clear whether there is an observatory in New Horizons yet, but Celeste does play an important role in the game. 

Quite a ways into the game (day 20 for me, which also happened to lie on a full moon), Celeste will appear on your island after sunset. You’ll want to speak to her. She’ll explain that wishing upon a falling star can bring you good fortune, which is a bit of a clue about how you’ll find star fragments. 

However, more importantly she’ll give you the recipe for the magic wand then and there. In order to make it though, you’ll need three star fragments and one large star fragment. 

2. Make a wish on a shooting star

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In order to get star fragments, you’re going to need to keep your eyes – and ears – peeled for shooting stars. Thankfully, like the floating balloons, they do make a subtle noise that you can hear as you’re meandering around your island in daily life. It’s a gentle tinkling, almost inaudible at first, but as soon as you hear it, push up on the right stick and press A to wish on the star. 

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You’ll know you’ve accomplished it because your character will close their eyes and hold their hands together, and the star in the sky will glow. 

Usually, there are multiple shooting stars in a row, so you can wish on multiple stars in one go just by hitting A repeatedly. 

3. Comb the beach the next day for star fragments

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Wishing on a star is cute and all, but what’s the point. Well, for that you’ll have to wait until the next day. The morning after you wish on a star or three, you’ll need to take a walk along the beach looking for large yellow rocks where the water meets the sand. These are star fragments, and you’ll get one per wish by the looks of things. It’s still not clear how to get large star fragments though, but it seems they are also linked to wishing on a star. 

Hopefully though, you have better luck than I do and can make your star wand straight away. 

However, there are other wand recipes available in-game. I discovered a bamboo wand hidden in a balloon present much earlier in the game, so hopefully you do too, as it only needs three star fragments to make.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons meteor shower

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If you want to get as many wishes in as you can, you’ll want to keep your ears open for news of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons meteor shower. Isabelle will let you know in the morning briefing that there’s going to be shooting stars that evening. Residents may also mention a meteor shower to you too. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons large star fragments and zodiac star fragments

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Large star fragments and pieces of zodiac – which correlate to the current active zodiac sign – will drop at random with regular star fragments when you wish on a star. So make sure you wish on as many as you can. 

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