Fortnite Aloy skin confirmed and the Horizon Zero Dawn star is getting two special events

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to Fortnite with her own special event just for PS5 and PS4 players.

Epic Games confirmed the new Aloy skin’s arrival, which previously leaked – as all things do – from the efforts of inquisitive dataminers. She’ll arrive in the Fortnite Item Shop starting on April 15 along with the rest of the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle – which includes a Blaze Canister Back Bling, Aloy’s SpearPickaxe, Glinthawk Glider, Shield-Weaver Wrap, the Heart-rizon emote (inspired by that cute photo mode pose), and the Aloy the Skywatcher loading screen. If you own the Aloy Outfit and play the game on PS5, you’ll also automatically unlock its Ice Hunter Aloy style.

Fortnite Aloy bundle

(Image credit: Epic Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

If you want a shot at winning the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle early, you can participate in the PlayStation-exclusive Aloy Cup event on April 14. Each match plays out as a standard battle royale with points awarded for final placement and eliminations, but you’ll get extra points for hunting with a bow in Aloy’s honor. The top-performing teams in each region will take home the Horizon bundle a day before it hits the shop.

Finally, the Team Up! Aloy & Lara Limited Time Mode will unite the two heroes for a special loot-locked Duos event: everybody will spawn as either Aloy, wielding the craftable Bow, or Lara Croft, wielding Dual Pistols. It will kick off on Friday at 6 pm PDT / 9 am EDT / 2 pm BST and end on April 18 at the same time.

Original story:

Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy could be be joining Fortnite ever-expanding cast of characters in a future update, according to dataminers.

Aloy is reportedly going to take some time out of her busy schedule of fighting robot dinosaurs to take part in a few rounds of battle royale action in Fortnite. The leak was first posted on Twitter by ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks (opens in new tab), who is a well-known. This post was later corroborated by another leaker, HYPEX (opens in new tab), on Twitter, who also stated that Aloy will have her own Limited Time Mode to celebrate her arrival.

Strings from the new LeadAlloy LTM:”Team Up! Aloy & Lara”- “Use loot from wildlife and technology to upgrade your weapons”- “All Weapons can upgrade to legendary quality”- “Keep an eye out for wildlife, you never know what might be lurking in the bushes”April 13, 2021

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This info has been dug up by dataminers who have been drilling down into the latest Fortnite update for clues hidden in the code. We’re still a little light on details at this time, but we do have some clues about what you’ll be doing in Aloy’s Limited Time Mode. The tweet by ShiinaBR makes reference to looting from wildlife and technology to upgrade your weapons. It also recommends that you “Keep an eye out for wildlife, you never know what might be lurking in the bushes” which heavily suggests that some of Aloy’s giant robot dinosaur friends have snuck onto the Battle Bus too.

Aloy will be joining an illustrious crowd when she makes her Fortnite debut. The world’s most popular game has seen everyone from Thanos and Deadpool to John Wick and Predator. Last month we even had Lara Croft diving into the fray, and she brought the entirety of Croft manor along with her.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the PS4’s best exclusive titles last generation, and we’re expecting the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, to launch on PS5 later this year. The gameplay we’ve seen so far looks stunning, with underwater temples and lush forests to explore and a whole new batch of robotic creatures to hunt and fight.

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