A SpeedRunners Switch port has been confirmed in a reveal trailer

The Nintendo Switch is continuing to expand its already robust indie selection with SpeedRunners, as revealed in a tweet (opens in new tab) from the publisher alongside an announcement trailer. The trailer is mostly cinematic, with a brief show of gameplay on a small Switch screen featured near the end of the video. While a Switch port is definitely happening, the reveal stopped short of announcing an official release date.

If you aren’t familiar with SpeedRunners, publisher tinyBuild describes it as “the most competitive 4-player platformer ever made.” Indeed, SpeedRunners is a 4-player indie platformer that involves endlessly running, swinging, and wall-jumping through zig-zagging multi-platform 2d levels. Both local co-op and competitive modes see you desperately trying to outpace the other runners until they’re so far off-screen that they’re eliminated from the race, and the last runner standing wins. It’s an extremely hectic experience that seems tailor-made for the Switch.

SpeedRunners is a fantastic party game, and one that’s sure to ruin as many friendships as any of Nintendo’s competitive titles. And while it’s always a treat to have another local co-op option on Switch, it’s likely SpeedRunners will also utilize Switch Online to allow for online co-op and competitive play like every other version of the game.

First released in Steam Early Access back in 2013, SpeedRunners eventually launched in full-form three years later. Since then, it’s been ported to PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices, with the Switch being the latest to the party.

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