Morbius director explains how Spider-Man No Way Home changed the post-credits scenes

Morbius director Daniel Espinosa has revealed how Spider-Man: No Way Home changed his film’s post-credits scenes. Spoilers ahead!

In the Sony movie, when the action is wrapped up, Morbius meets with Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, AKA Vulture. Toomes is an MCU character, last seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and makes the jump from one universe to another thanks to the purple crack in the sky from No Way Home’s multiversal shenanigans.

“It was more that when Spider-Man came out, they said, ‘We know how this works and we have a visual concept of how to make this,'” Espinosa told Uproxx (opens in new tab)

“The first thing that happened was that we had Michael Keaton because we were planning on doing this. But then when Spider-Man: No Way Home came out, it said, ‘This is how the visual effects are,'” he added. “And then the idea of having him just encountering him in that universe seemed too complicated, and then we put it in the end.”

Espinosa added he “didn’t know how the transportation would look like in that,” explaining that the purple rift in the sky “wasn’t done, that didn’t exist, so there were all these small things that had to be addressed.”

Morbius was originally supposed to come out before No Way Home, but a series of delays pushed it back to releasing months later.

“Over the last two years, we’ve been working on the movie constantly,” Espinosa told GamesRadar+. “And things change. There are always different aspects. But there was also an idea that there might be scenes that you can see later on, that’s going to come out.”

Morbius is in UK cinemas and US theaters now. For deep dives on the movie, check out our guide to the Morbius ending explained and if Morbius is in the MCU or not – and see more from our interview with Espinosa on working with Jared Leto and the movie’s horror tone, as well as Matt Smith on joining the Marvel Universe and his villainous character Milo.

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