30 Funniest Steve Coogan Moments

Generic Irishman (The Trip)

The Moment: Rob Brydon gets his impression on while Coogan broods, scowls and generally cringes at his pal’s behaviour.

Classic Coogan: “That just sounded like an Irishman, Rob. A generic Irishman.” Gold.

Madonna On A Horse (In The Loop)

The Moment: Coogan’s disgruntled oddball complains that his mother isn’t being fairly treated because she’s not “Lord Snooty” or “Madonna on a horse”.

Classic Coogan: Coogan steals every scene he in which he appears in In The Loop, starting with this one…

Cone But Not Forgotten (Im Alan Partridge)

The Moment: Partridge fails to see the joke when a colleague makes fun of an incident in which Alan had been caught attempting to steal a traffic cone.

Classic Coogan: The thinly veiled antipathy between Partridge and Dave Clifton is a regular pleasure in I’m Alan Partridge , as is Phil Cornwell’s DJ voice!

Animal Rights (Saxondale)

The Moment: Tommy Saxondale takes exception to the arrival of some animal rights protestors and reaches for his gun.

Classic Coogan:
Saxondale might not have taken on the same cult status as Partridge, but it certainly has its moments. “Hucknall?”

Its Not A Bribe (The Other Guys)

The Moment: Coogan offers Ferrell and Wahlberg $10 million each to let him go, making it clear that of course, this is not a bribe…

Classic Coogan: A small moment perhaps, but we love the mumbled repetition of “not a bribe”!

Good Luck Nicholas (Hot Fuzz)

The Moment: Nicholas Angel is packed off the countryside by Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy.

Classic Coogan: A superbly supercilious performance, particularly when he smirks, “well you’re packed already!”

Macho Man (Tropic Thunder)

The Moment: Coogan’s character Damian gives the actors a dressing down as he prepares to put them through their war-game paces.

Classic Coogan: This moment deserves inclusion for Coogan’s derisive reference to Jack Black as “Fats” alone.

Dan! Dan! (Im Alan Partridge)

The Moment: Alan Partridge tries to hail Dan from a distance. Repeatedly.

Classic Coogan: Shouting the word “Dan” seventeen times shouldn’t be funny, but it is.

Hang Gliding (24 Hour Party People)

The Moment: Tony Wilson presents a hang-gliding report, in which he pronounces the sport “better than sex”.

Classic Coogan: The Icarus reference always tickles us. “You should probably read more…”

Dr. Bright (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

The Moment: Coogan plays Larry’s therapist and finds himself embroiled in a hair-brained scheme involving the staged mugging of another therapist.

Classic Coogan:
Coogan has a great time riffing with Larry David, and does a very fine line in browbeaten…

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