The Sims 4 Discover University expansion is real and its coming this December

The Discovery University expansion is officially real, and it’s coming to The Sims 4 (opens in new tab) on November 15 on PC and December 17 on PS4 and Xbox One. The official announcement was made with a new trailer that was unveiled earlier today, giving us our very first proper look at the impending expansion.

In the trailer we get to see some of the activities we can get up to as we send our Sims off to university in pursuit of some higher education and self discovery. You can see student Sims riding bicycles around campus, playing juice pong, drinking from kegs, and getting stuck into a spot of studying.

It also introduces us to the new universities we’ll be able to enrol our Sims into, including the historical Britechester for arts and humanities, and the Foxbury Institute that specialises in the science and technology fields. Your Sims will be able to experience college life in whatever way you want, with new experiences to try out on campus including joining secret societies and school organisations like robotics, art, and debate. 

The expansion also includes new career tracks in teaching, law and engineering, and attending the university will help your aspiring Sims excel existing career paths. You’ll get your own dorm rooms to customise and decorate to really let your Sims feel right at home, with new decor including posters and mini fridges. There will also be a variety of new clothing items fit for any student who wants to express themselves in style. 

The trailer came after a series of leaked images (opens in new tab) surfaced online showing off the expansion from a listing on Xbox’s US store. Not long after, The Sims Twitter account revealed a video would be incoming with a special announcement, and they weren’t so subtle about what it would be showing off. 

It’s great to see this expansion is officially on the way. Sims fans have been waiting for a University expansion for a long time, and it looks like it’ll be bringing back some of the features we got to play around with in the University expansion in The Sims 3, along with new ways to enjoy life on campus and live out our best educated lives in the world of The Sims 4. 

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