Hurry, an Xbox Series X restock is available today – heres where

An Xbox Series X restock is officially due today at Walmart (opens in new tab), and the elusive console should become available to buy as of 3pm ET. The PS5 should also be available at the same time (opens in new tab), so it’s shaping up to be a busy afternoon.

Because this Xbox Series X restock is available to everyone and was announced ahead of time, you’ll need to be fast – we suspect it will sell out all too quickly. It’s a good idea to sign in to your Walmart account and get your payment details ready ahead of time, too; the sheer weight of traffic may cause site slowdown, so removing any unnecessary holdups isn’t a bad idea.

Today’s Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

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Xbox Series X | $499.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
This Xbox Series X restock comes courtesy of Walmart, and it should be going live today at 3pm ET. While it won’t last long, don’t panic if you miss out right away – most retailers release deals in waves, so you may get another chance soon.

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Previous Xbox Series X restock dates at retailers

Xbox Series X restocks: hints and tips

Xbox Series X restock

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1. Be patient – stock releases in waves

Don’t freak out if Xbox Series X stock seems to sell out right away. Retailers often release stock bit by bit, so you may get another chance before the afternoon is through. While that’s not guaranteed, it’s worth refreshing the page to try your luck nonetheless.

2. Sign in and get your payment details ready

The weight of traffic causes sites to slow down at the best of times, let alone when we’re given advance warning of an Xbox Series X restock drop. With that in mind, removing roadblocks by signing in beforehand and making sure your payment details are to hand will lessen any opportunity for you to lose the console thanks to a glitch that forces you to start the transaction all over again.

3. Prioritize bundles

Because solo consoles tend to sell out faster than anything else, we’d recommend keeping an eye out for bundles if at all possible. While they’re more expensive thanks to including the best Xbox Series X accessories or best Xbox Series X games, they last for longer.

4. Don’t pay more than the standard price (unless it’s a bundle)

Even though we understand how tempting to take up eBay or social media offers that are trying to sell the console at an inflated price, don’t ever do it. Besides being a possible detour into scamsville, Xbox Series X restocks are happening more frequently than ever so you’ll have another chance at a legitimate deal soon.

Which Xbox should you buy?

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Xbox Series X ($499.99) | Check at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Which of the two new Xbox consoles should you buy? If you want the ‘full’, true next-gen experience, it has to be the Xbox Series X. Besides being more powerful than the cheaper Series S, it’s capable of displaying games in 4K resolution and has a disc drive – two features the S model lacks.

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Xbox Series S ($299.99) | Check for deals at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Series S isn’t as powerful as the Series X seen above, but that doesn’t mean it won’t put on a good show. While it isn’t able to pump out games in 4K resolution, it still manages ray tracing and fast loading thanks to its SSD. Just bear in mind that it doesn’t have a disc drive, so you’ll need to download all your content digitally (which can be more expensive).

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Check for Xbox Series X restocks today

Remember, you’ll want the best screen to go with your new console, so check out our guides to the best TV for Xbox Series X and best Xbox Series X monitor. It’s also worth checking out the upcoming Black Friday Xbox Series X deals to see what’s on the way for the console this month.

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