XBLA gets Rocky-themed avatar items

A glut of Rocky-themed items have flooded the Xbox Live Marketplace, with workout gear, boxing gloves and championship accoutrements available for the discerning Avatar. The original movie was released in US theaters 35 years ago this week, so it makes good enough sense to outfit your Avatar with a “Pity The Fool” shirt, yes? Okay, fool-pitying didn’t actually become a staple of the series until Rocky III, but just go with it.

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There’s robes based on Rocky, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago starting at 320 MSP, or 80 MSP boxing gloves that you can’t actually hit anyone with but which will make it clear your Avatar’s ready for a brawl and itchin’ to follow the rules. Other items include workout sweats, the championship belt or a punching bag. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to fit the staircase at the Philadelphia Museum of Art into an XBLA download, but you have to same something for the 40th anniversary, right? Maybe that’s when Tommy Gunn, antagonist of the vastly underrated Rocky V, will also make his triumphant appearance…

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