Wylde Flowers looks like a magical mix of Stardew Valley and Hogwarts Legacy, coming to Switch and PC

Wylde Flowers is a heartwarming mixture of spellcasting and harvesting crops that looks like a solid way to spend an afternoon. 

The upcoming indie, formerly an Apple Arcade exclusive (opens in new tab), combines the best of both worlds with Stardew Valley and Hogwarts Legacy. It’s set to debut later this year on both Switch and Steam. 

Step into the shoes of Tara, who’s just moved to a rural island in a bid to help out her grandmother with the family farm. She’ll be tending to crops, caring for animals, going fishing, crafting items, and even finding love by day.

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By night, however, Tara trains as a witch. She’ll learn how to create potions, control the weather and seasons, fly on a broomstick, and even transform into a cat. It’s quite a dual life she leads, but that means spicier gameplay, of course. You’ll be able to interact with a wide variety of diverse characters through fully voiced dialogue and 18 hours of voice acting, all set to music scored by a real orchestra.

There are seven different romanceable characters in Fairhaven as well, including doctor Amira and butcher Kim. But even if you aren’t romancing characters, there are NPCs you can befriend and learn about, like Natalia the blacksmith or Sophia, who runs the local diner.

It’s absolutely adorable, from cute character designs to calming music and everything in between. If its trailer and screenshots are any indication, Wylde Flowers (opens in new tab) looks like it might join some players’ regular calming game rotation. And with Spells & Secrets on the way as well, it’s a great time to be a fledgling magic student. 

If you’re looking for something sweet tinged with something magical to while away the hours with, this looks like it could be the game for you. It’s set to debut later this year, though there’s no concrete date just yet.

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