WWE All Stars 3DS trailer is packed with the Superstars of Wrestling

3DS owners have had to wait for their version of THQ’s WWE All Stars, which launched on most every other platform from the PS2 to the Wii back in March. This trailer hopes to convince you that it was worth the wait, with an assortment of old-school brawlers to take you back to the days when we all knew it was real. Hulkamania! Smell what the Rock’s cooking! And, um, whatever the Ultimate Warrior’s trying to say.

Like a Royal Rumble playbill that first makes you sit through interminable quick-fire brawls between no-name spandex-jockeys, the 3DS version knows it’s got some patience to reward. Besides adding a whole extra dimension to the proceedings – bear in mind, chumps back in March paid full retail for only two of those suckers – a tightly-packed stable of brawlers have been added to the cartridge.

Above: The inclusion of sadly-departed rasslers like Randy Savage and Andre the Giant (pictured) paves the way for no end of morbid match-ups

Previously available as paid DLC, numerous fighters from the Golden Age of Stupid Wrestling Gimmicks join the game’s core cast. 3DS players can choose on day one from characters including the Big Boss Man (he’s a cop!), Ted DiBiase (he’s rich!), the Road Warriors (they’re post-apocalyptic!) and Honky Tonk Man (he thinks he’s Elvis!). These join the original roster of classic fighters such as Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart, as well as newer stars like Triple H and Rey Mysterio.

The game also adds two new play types: the endurance-test Gauntlet and point-pinching Score Scramble modes. WWE All Stars launches for 3DS on Nov 25.

Oct 4, 2011

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