Will there be RTX 30-series restocks over Christmas?

With Christmas coming ever closer as we burn through December, should you expect an RTX 30-series restock over the festive period? While we don’t have a definitive answer of things to give you, our time spent tracking the likes of RTX 3070 stock and RTX 3080 stock (among others) has helped us to identify a few key patterns.  

We’ll begin by reiterating that any of the coveted RTX 30-series line of graphics cards are incredibly difficult to get your hands on and have been since the video card family dropped back in November 2020. Hope was briefly on the horizon back in June of this year, but now those fabled refreshed models, such as RTX 3060 series stock, have become just as elusive now, too. 

With that said, securing some of the best graphics cards for gaming this holiday season isn’t impossible if you know exactly where to look, and fortunately, we at least know what’s worked before and where RTX 30 series stock is most likely to appear next. Nothing’s guaranteed, we’re not clairvoyant (that we know of), but this is our best educated guess when it comes to finding RTX 30-series stock over Christmas. It ultimately comes down to one particular retailer that’s done right by us now for months – Best Buy (opens in new tab)

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RTX 30-series | (Check stock at Best Buy) (opens in new tab)
Given how this retailer has been the most reliable for RTX 30-series restocks in all their forms, it’s definitely worth checking in and seeing what’s available, as we’ve seen RTX video cards selling for MSRPs more frequently recently.

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How to check for RTX 30-series stock at Best Buy 

A way to check for RTX 30-series stock at Best Buy was uncovered by reliable source Twitter user @GPUrestock, who is perhaps most known for breaking the story about the in-store RTX 30 series restock event which happened at the big-box chain on October 1. Through utilizing the website’s advanced search functionality, you can sometimes see specific RTX 30-series stock at specific stores which would otherwise be hidden from the basic online search tools. 

Despite being unveiled early into October, the source has confirmed as recently as mid-December that this trick still works, with several followers posting their Best Buy RTX 30-series hauls as proof, with receipts. We think it’s worth a try if you happen to live locally enough to any store locations which could have Founders Edition or partner card RTX 30 series at much more reasonable prices than the online market does. 

Did you give up on the “in stock trick”? It still works 👀💫 https://t.co/0SNdCZV4tGDecember 13, 2021

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Check for RTX 30-series stock at other retailers

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RTX 30-series | (Check stock at Amazon) (opens in new tab)
The world’s largest online retailer has had a fleeting amount of RTX 30-series partner cards available over the past few months. Those that appear for their respective MSRPs are never around for long, usually 30 seconds if that, so act fast if you see something at a decent rate.

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RTX 30-series | (Check stock at Newegg) (opens in new tab)
Newegg has been one of the cheaper options for partner cards over the past few months, though stock of any kind is few and far between right now. We recommend checking in often for any signs of life just in case as December wraps up.

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