Watch this Call of Duty: Warzone player get a win with a genius vehicle play

200 IQ Water Taxi from r/CODWarzone

A Call of Duty: Warzone player got a Rebirth Island win by way of a water taxi – sort of.

The clip, posted on Reddit, shows what you can do with a partially submerged SUV and a dream.

200 IQ Water Taxi from r/CODWarzone

The Call of Duty: Warzone player is standing on the edge of Rebirth Island during the final moments of a game of Resurgence. They walk closer to the center of the island as the gas nears the shore and immediately get shot at by an enemy in the dead center of the safe zone. It seems like it’s game over – until they ping an SUV sitting in the water just offshore. “They won’t,” you think, but they do. They parachute off the cliff and onto the hood of the SUV, which gives them a perfect vantage point of the island and the last two players alive on it. 

At that point, it’s just about pulling the trigger, which they do, killing the last player just as they finish off the second to last man standing. This “Water taxi” trick as it’ described on Reddit was planned by the player and their squad, who writes “We did put the car there, with the intention of doing it. Just didn’t think it would end with us getting a win.” 

Since you can’t touch the water surrounding Rebirth Island without instantly dying, using a vehicle that only gets partially submerged by the ocean as a sort of tiny island is a brilliant move, but we’d be too scared to attempt it. The parachuting accuracy required and the stakes of falling into the surrounding ocean as the last player alive means it’s a bold play, but we do commend the squad for finding another way to use Warzone’s vehicles.

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