Warzone companion app: How to install the Warzone Overwolf companion app on PC

The Warzone companion app from Overwolf is a useful thing to have if you really want to see your stats in more details. It’s a piece of software that runs alongside Call of Duty Warzone and offers you some much deeper insights into a range of statistics and how you match up against other players in your lobby in regards to skill based matchmaking, and more. There are a some questions around the Warzone companion app though, like how to install it and whether it’s safe to use or not, so we’ve got the Warzone companion app essentials covered here.

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How to install the Warzone companion app

Warzone companion app

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To install the Warzone companion app, you want to head to the CODStats website (opens in new tab) (you can also find the download on the Overwolf website (opens in new tab), which houses companion apps for other games like Hearthstone, Valorant, Among Us, and more). This also installs the base Overwolf client, which runs in the background and supports a number of games natively. Unfortunately, this is for PC only; there isn’t anything like this for console players.

When the file is downloaded, simply run it and follow the instructions, then boot up your Call of Duty Warzone client. When you load into Warzone, you’ll see all of your stats, from your recent games to how you compare to the global Warzone population in things like kill-death ratio and experience. When you’re in a pre-match lobby and during the game, you’ll be able to compare your stats directly to the players in your lobby too, which is a great way to see how you stack up and what your odds are at succeeding in the match.

Perhaps the best part of the Warzone companion app is that it can detect if there are any cheaters in your lobby. As we all know, hackers have been a rampant problem in Warzone, so the ability to avoid hackers is a huge plus to enjoyment in the game.

Note: As a result of players using the app to back out of lobbies with higher skilled opponents, the companion app has been updated to only show other player stats in your game when you load into the match completely, after the pre-game lobby.

Is the Warzone companion app safe to install?

Warzone companion app

(Image credit: Activision)

Third-party software always comes with a risk when installing, because most online games don’t allow cheats or modifications to the game. While CODStats claims the Warzone companion app is completely safe to use and cannot be treated as a cheat, install it at your own discretion. If you have any doubts whatsoever, refrain from using it as a precaution.

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