Every single episode of The Walking Dead is coming to Disney Plus Star

Disney Plus subscribers are set to get even better value for their money. As part of its Star range, all 10 seasons of The Walking Dead will soon be available for streaming – including the 11th season when it airs in August.

From July 2, every current episode of The Walking Dead episode will be present on Disney Plus. That’s perfect for those who jumped off the bandwagon years ago and need to catch up, especially in light of the series’ impending final season.

Speaking of, The Walking Dead season 11 premieres in the US on August 22 and it’s coming to Disney Plus Star in the UK just a day later on August 23.

Disney Plus Star, for the uninitiated, is an additional extra for international territories outside the US and folds in much of Fox’s library from its deal with Disney. That means the likes of Family Guy and Atlanta are tucked away on the streaming service. For more on what was available in February’s launch, check out the full list here.

The Walking Dead, meanwhile, may be finishing – but still has some life in it yet. The extra-long 24-episode final season will run until 2022. Beyond that, a couple of spinoffs are planned. Fans will be pleased to know Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will reprise their roles as Daryl and Carol respectively in one series, while ‘Tales of The Walking Dead’ is a new anthology that aims to dive deeper into the histories of its many, many iconic characters.

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