The Sims Medieval Basics: Traits, Flaws, Tips, and Cheats

What happens when you add medieval RPG elements to the long established Sims franchise? A pleasant kind of confusion, at least at first. There’s so much to do in your new realm: create various inidividualistic heroes, embark on countless different quests, and of course, rake in those Simoles any way you can. It’s not just about you and your family anymore.

Here you’ve got an entire kingdom to look after, but don’t worry if it’s a bit much to handle – even the most learned Sims veterans may struggle to get the most out of the game at first. If only someone would whip up a guide covering some of the basics…

Page1: General Tips/Cheat Codes

Page 2: Traits

Page 3: Fatal Flaws

General Tips

– Gambling at game tables is a quick (and risky) way to make some simoles. Game tables can be bought and placed in any building.

– Buildings you should erect early on include the Market (Merchant), Smithy (Blacksmith), and Peteran Monastery (Peteran Priest).

– While bathing isn’t as necessary as it is in other Sims games (no hygiene bar in Medieval) it will give you a quick boost in focus.

– If you’re planning ahead, visit the Peteran Priest before an upcoming sword fight. The priest will grant you the “Watcher’s Favor,” which will revive you instantly should you fall in battle.

– Save one of your daily responsibilities for when you need a boost in focus. They are a great way to counteract any focus debuffs you may be experiencing.

– You’ll earn a little extra daily income if you marry any non-hero.

– Always sharpen you sword before battle! You can do this anywhere, at any time. You can also earn the “Combat Ready” buff by practicing on a dummy beforehand.

– Spies can open the stocks.

– You can replace your Fatal Flaw with a Legendary Trait by completing specific quests. These quests are: Fountain of Legend, Invasion, The Dragon of…, Seven Mechanical Arts, The Fisherman’s Challenge, and The Philosopher’s Stone.

Cheat Codes

Are you tired of playing by the rules? Have you got your eye on that sweet armoire but are sick of picking herbs for paltry sums? Simply press ctrl + shift + c and simply type “help” into the command line to display all of the cheats right there on screen! Below you’ll find some of the more useful ones.

kaching: 1,000 simoles

motherlode: 50,000 simoles

Rerollquests: Randomizes available quests

fadeObjects on/off: Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them

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