The SFX Forum Is Back

In case you missed the big news yesterday: the SFX community is once again ready to welcome you

Just in time for Christmas!

Following some technical and security issues in July the SFX forum has been down for maintenance while we tinker with the site. But we’re pleased to say that the home of sci-fi chatter and comradeship is now back online. And we’ve also reactivated comments on all our web stories too.

So if you’ve been away, now’s the time to come back and meet the community again. Why not tell us what you’ve been doing while the forum has been down?

And of course, we still produce a weekly e-newsletter (your SFXtra ) and you can sign up to this via the forum too – click on User Options on the left of the top bar. On the left column, scroll down to Edit Options (under Settings & Options). Then scroll to the bottom and sign up under Miscellaneous Options.

See you online!

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