The Dead by Daylight Stranger Things crossover update is live

The latest Dead by Daylight update brings new content borrowed from the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things, and it’s out now on PS4 and Xbox One. Dead by Daylight – Stranger Things Chapter introduces Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as new Survivors, the Underground Complex as a new map, and the Demogorgon as a new Killer.

Both new Survivors and the new Killer bring with them three unique new perks. Nancy’s got Better Together, which reveals everyone’s auras if the Killer downs a teammate while you’re repairing a generator; Fixated, which lets you see your scratch marks at all times and walk faster than normal at full health; and Inner Strength, which self-heals when you enter a locker.

Steve’s perks include: Babysitter, which deactivates the blood trail and scratch marks of Survivors you unhook; Camaraderie, which briefly pauses the Struggle Phase timer when a teammate approaches you while you’re hooked; and Second Wind, which can be activated by healing a teammate and self-heals when you manage to get unhooked and outside the Terror Radius.

The Demogorgon’s power is called Of the Abyss, and it “impacts the environment close to generators, affects nearby Survivors, and uses Portals to travel quickly.” His perks are: Surge, which puts a regression effect on nearby generators when you down a Survivor; Cruel Limits, which blocks nearby Survivors from vaulting when a generator is fixed; and Mindbreaker, which afflicts Survivors with the Exhaustion Status effect when they’re fixing a generator.

The new map is the last place you want to be when you’re under pursuit by the terrifying Demogorgon – claustrophobic, dimly-lit, and crawling with vines or tentacles or whatever.

Dead by Daylight – Stranger Things Chapter can be purchased for $11.99 on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or Steam.

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