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Super Mario Bros. Levis clothing collection launches Thursday

Update: Levi’s has announced a new launch date for its Super Mario Bros. collection of clothing and accessories. The collection was set to launch on April 1, but now the official word is that it’ll launch Thursday, April 9. In a press release, Levi’s describes the Super Mario Bros. collection …

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How Super Mario Bros famous glitch captured our imaginations

Science has mostly usurped the supernatural in our collective consciousness, but the concept of magic is too old and too meaningful to just fade away. The inexplicable continues to slip through the chinks in reason, taking the form of ghostly presences, statistical flukes, and psychedelic experiences. But the kind of …

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12 most ridiculously re-released games

Play it again, Sam. And again. And again. Quality gameplay never ages, and you can learn a lot from enjoying the classics. Unfortunately, gaming moves so fast that the dust barely has a chance to settle on your old consoles before new ones come out. If you ever want to …

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