Street Fighter X Tekken roster: Meet all 55 characters

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Street Fighter X Tekken can’t be contained on consoles–it’s now made the jump to the handheld arena with the release of the PS Vita version. But just who will you pick for your tag-team duo? We’ll get you reacquainted with all 55 members of the line-up, with the DLC characters now thankfully included right from the get-go in the Vita version of the game. Ready? Fight!

Abel (Street Fighter)

Check out our video walkthrough of the character here (opens in new tab)!

Akuma (Street Fighter)

AKA Gouki, Akuma epitomizes the dark side of the martial arts presented by his brother Gouken, Ken and Ryu’s teacher. Until Goukens return in SFIV some thought Akuma was his murderer, though Akuma did kill his own teacher after discovering the dark powers that fuel him. He wears his late master’s prayer beads as a strange tribute to him. A brutal fighter, Akuma isnt a world-conquering sociopath, but is fueled by an urge to be the strongest. Normally cast as Ryu’s nemesis in the Alpha games, perennial loser Dan sees Akuma as a rival, while Akuma just ignores him. A veteran of versus titles, Akuma has appeared in almost all of the crossover games Capcom developed.

Asuka (Tekken)

Check out our video walkthrough of the character here (opens in new tab)!

Balrog (Street Fighter)

This hard-punching bruiser is another SFII favorite that many love for his below the belt boxing techniques. The former champions evil ways brought him to the attention of M Bison, who brought Balrog into Shadaloo to be his personal bodyguard. A shortsighted individual more interested in immediate gains than planning, Balrog softened his image (slightly) when he saved a bandaged kid in SFIV. Though we cant tell if its tough love or because he thinks she has special abilities similar to Bison.

Bob (Tekken)

This portly karate champ hails from America (as if there was any doubt). Introduced fairly recently in Tekken 6, Bob is one of the series most recent comedic characters, with surprisingly fast moves for his rotund figure. In SFXT he has a kindred soul in the form of Rufus, but will their commonalities make them friends or enemies?

Cammy (Street Fighter)

Cammy has a complicated past to say the least. Cloned from the DNA of evil mastermind M Bison, she once was a brainwashed assassin for Bison’s crime organization Shadaloo. Eventually she broke free of her programming, losing her memory and joining Britain’s MI-6 intelligence group, putting her killer abilities to good use. No longer ashamed of her past, she’s recommitted her group of agents to taking down evil worldwide. And she does it all from a confusingly revealing leotard, which is apparently standard MI-6 attire.

Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Check out our video walkthrough of the character here (opens in new tab)!

Cole (Sony Exclusive)

The star of Sonys inFamous series, Cole MacGrath was your everyday parkour practitioner until getting caught in an explosion in Empire City that leaves him with electrical powers and the city decimated. Depending on how you played the games in those series he either became a savior of the ruined town or a despot crushing free will in his iron grip. No matter what happens though, the ethically grey, electrically-powered super human needs to battle a huge energy monster called The Beast before turning into a vampire. Hes one of five characters exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita versions.

Dhalsim (Street Fighter)

Dhalsim and his inscrutable, mystic ways have become part of fighting history. A peaceful soul who only got into fighting to earn money for his destitute village, when not in combat Dhalsim has a quiet home life with his wife, son and a friendly elephant. As for his other accomplishments, the stretchy fire breather helped free Cammy from her brainwashing. One of the eight original SFII fighters, hes appeared in multiple crossover titles, with SFXT just another notch in the yoga masters rope belt.

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