Street Fighter X Tekken: Bison and Xiaoyu sneak into new screenshot

New Street Fighter x Tekken screenshots released via the game’s Xbox Live Marketplace page reveal two new characters for the title. The shot, which features Bison and Ling Xiaoyu hiding above the life bar, doesn’t give players much to go on: all you really know now is that Bison will wear his Village People hat and Xiaoyu will have her hair up. But before you saw this shot, you didn’t even know those two were in the game, so, result.

What with the presence of Bison and Xiaoyu being unofficial as yet, the latter’s absent from this all-girl trailer, which pits Chun Li and Cammy against Lili and Asuka (in bouncy, glistening-wet slo-mo). SFxT’s still on for an early 2012 release, meaning you’ll know all the title has to offer soon enough, and you’ll get your hands on a controller on the game’s March 6 release.

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