Start your engines, Mario Kart Tour is coming to Android and iOS this week

We were supposed to get Mario Kart Tour in March, but it was delayed to further polish and tweak the game. But don’t fret, we’re officially getting it this week. Mario Kart Tour will be available on Android and iOS at 1 am PT/8 am UTC on September 25. That’s good news for the EU early risers, and for the American insomniacs. 

The release date and time was announced in a September 21 tweet from the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account, which also pointed out that while the game may be available for download before the official release date, it won’t be playable until September 25. 

#MarioKartTour is scheduled to launch around 1am PT/ 8am UTC on 9/25. You may be able to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store before then, but the game won’t be playable until the launch time. Thank you for your patience and happy racing! 21, 2019

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Mario Kart Tour details have slowly emerged after both the game’s closed beta and its official listing on Android and iOS shop pages, which now have detailed lists on the features we can expect to see. That includes racecourses that are inspired by real cities, which will rotate every two weeks and feature special in-game events. In terms of mechanics, Kart characters will automatically drive forward, and turn when you drag your finger left and right on the screen. Some items are automatically used, while others require you to tap on the screen to activate them. 

We also know that Mario Kart Tour will include the increasingly controversial microtransactions. You’ll need a Nintendo Account to play, but can create one for free, and start racing right away. Where the microtransactions come into play will likely relate to obtaining and updating drivers, karts, and gliders. So, while Mario Kart Tour is entirely free to play, microtransactions may be the secret to unlocking its full potential. We’ll have to wait and see.

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