Star Wars Battlefront II is getting Rise of Skywalker content and a large-scale single player mode

EA unveiled the next stretch of the roadmap for Star Wars Battlefront 2 at Gamescom, outlining everything coming this fall, with major updates in September and December. We’ve been waiting a while for some big Battlefront news, and this certainly delivers.

The biggest news is the upcoming addition of Rise of Skywalker-inspired content which will drop in December, likely right around when the film hits theaters on December 20. So far there’s only the announcement that content is coming, with no details, as EA isn’t “prepared to dig in deeper than that right now.” It could be the addition of new characters – perhaps a Kylo Ren or a Rey? Maybe even the super-hyped bad ass Zorri Bliss? The suspense is force choking me.

Additionally, August will see the addition of new appearances of the B1 Droid, the assault class for the Separatists, to close the gap between them and the wide variety of Clone Trooper outfits. There’s a new contextual spawning feature which will allow you to spawn directly on tactical assets on the battlefront, starting with Command Posts in Capital Supremacy and Instant Action. The normal Squad Spawn menu will now offer you a list of Command Posts to spawn onto, but you can only spawn onto ones that your team has full control over. Also, the Separatist Dreadnought and Republic Venator will be playable in Heroes vs Villains, a highly requested add-on. 

Then, September is set to debut a handful of modes and content. There’s a new Clone Commando reinforcement which hearkens back to the Episode III tie-in game Star Wars Republic Commando, and Felucia, the Clone Wars-era map, will also arrive within the month. A version of Felucia was in the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, and we’ve been waiting to land on it again. According to EA (opens in new tab), “this map takes place as the Separatists’ invasion of Felucia is nearing its end. With only a single, powerful vehicle left to cover the evacuation of a Felucian farming community, the clones struggle to maintain their last line of defense long enough for Republic transports to collect a large cache of valuable medicinal plants from the village.”

September will also introduce two new gameplay modes: co-op and a large scale single player mode. Four player online co-op will let you team up with other players, choose to play as the Galactic or the Separatist Alliance, and take part in a large scale PvE battle on all five Clone Wars planets. The large-scale single player mode, called Instant Action, will also debut in September. EA says “it will take the Supremacy element of Capital Supremacy (the planetary phase) and allow you to play through it on your own. At release, you will have access to all the maps that are currently available within Capital Supremacy: Naboo, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Geonosis, and Felucia.” My Force sense is tingling.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

For more news on the upcoming Star Wars flick, keep an eye on our up-to-date Star Wars 9 Rise of Skywalker Release Date, Trailer, and Cast News (opens in new tab). 

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