Sonic Generations contains the original Sonic as unlockable bonus

Sonic fans looking forward to the upcoming Sonic Generations can now be assured the game will contain the most authentically old-school Sonic experience short of physically digging out your old Genesis. That is to say, the game will contain that console’s original Sonic the Hedgehog as a bonus unlockable, meaning the only way purists could be happier is if the title contained three-button pads and a means of downgrading your HDTV to a cruddy 1991 CRT.

Above: A new generation will soon thrill to the original’s mastery of sprite-rotation, blast-processing and other advanced 1991 hardware tricks

Revealed to a panel at Paris Games Week, Generations producer Takashi Iizuka confirmed the bonus, though he didn’t say how players can unlock the game. You need some secrets in your life, after all. Or you can just wait until the game’s release next week, at which time the Internet will assuredly take all the challenge out of unlocking the original in an appropriately hyper-speed fashion.

Oct 24, 2011

Source: Destructoid

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