Sega announces Sega Mega Drive Mini will release in September, first 10 games confirmed

Sega has officially announced on Twitter (opens in new tab) that the Sega Mega Drive Mini will be coming out September 19, 2019, and it’s available for pre-order (opens in new tab) right now for £69.99 ($79.99). The mini retro console will come pre-loaded with 40 classic titles, two wired controllers, and HDMI compatibility. Sega are also releasing the Sega Genesis Mini (opens in new tab), which is the US version of the retro console. 

The iconic SEGA Mega Drive returns September 19, 2019, with our lovingly crafted SEGA Mega Drive Mini for £69.99/€79.99!Simply plug-in and play 40 of the console’s legendary titles, 10 of which we’re announcing today.Learn more and pre-order today: 30, 2019

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So far 10 games been revealed alongside the announcement for both versions of the mini console, which can be seen listed below:

Altered Beast, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Comix Zone, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Ecco the Dolphin, Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force, Sonic The Hedgehog, Space Harrier II, and ToeJam & Earl. 

The Sega Mega Drive originally released in Japan in 1988 and made its way to North America a year later in 1989. Europe and Australia then got their hands on the console a little later in 1990. The 16-bit console grew rapidly in popularity a few years after its initial release thanks to the fast blue hedgehog we all know and love – Sonic The Hedgehog. 

The Sega Mega Drive was one of the first consoles I ever played on, so I can’t wait to re-live my childhood years by failing at Sonic, and diving back into the action with my good pal Ecco the Dolphin. This is a very welcome addition to the growing selection of miniaturised classic consoles. While we wait for the other games to be announced, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Mega Bomberman.  

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