Sci-Fi Fashion Week 2013

It’s the end of London Fashion Week this week, but we don’t think the designers went far enough. Here’s some sci-fi inspiration for next year’s event

Marlon Brando here models the Yeti-hiding-under-a-mushroom look popularised in the film The Island Of Doctor Moreau . Perfectly offset by the Bette-Davis-putting-her-make-up-on-in-an-earthquake visage.

If you want to get ahead, get an inflatable hat. Just please don’t sit ahead of us at the cinema if you do. Ashes To Ashes actress Montserrat Lombard pulls off the daringly scarlet ensemble created for the catwalks of Hyperdrive .

Immortals was a veritable Aladdin’s cave of innovative headgear. Here, giving a new spin on last season’s breakthrough fashion hit, the Fascinator, is Kellan Lutz, sporting a creation by Seth Brundle, combining the DNA of a fly and a chicken.

Queen Amidala – the fashion-pioneering Princess Diana of the Star Wars universe – shows what you can do with a palace-full of old curtains and a recycled milk yoke. Pull on one of the draw-strings and a safety curtain acts as a trendy veil.

We predict that for men 2013 will be the year of the thong. Such a versatile piece of clothing, it can be offset with some kinky boots and accessorised with corrugated cardboard straps, as Sean “ Zardoz ” Connery has done here, for a look that will really turn heads. A gun is optional, but useful for shooting people who insist on calling you Barbarella. However, the more vainglorious among you may attempt to pull off the minimalist look, like Sting here, in his Dune -designed cod-piece-cum-Batarang. One size only.

We reckon that 2013 will also see the string vest back on the catwalks big time, and the SHADO team from the ever-experimental Sylvia Anderson UFO design studio are at the vanguard of this fashion trend. Light, airy and tantalisingly revealing, the string vest also leaves you with a interesting sun tan.

Vibrant clashing colours will be big in 2013. Here Tommy Lee Jones takes kaleidoscopic chic to the next level, injecting some witty psychedelic zing into the usual dour Batman range, combining a standard bankers grey suit with a retro Sixth Doctor vibe for a daring Two-Face ensemble.

The futuristic designs of Jean Paul Gaultier for The Fifth Element were clearly ahead of their time. But now their time has come. 2013 will be the year when you’ll be proud to look a complete dick head.

It took all 5,000 Fingers Of Doctor T to run up this little number. He’s banking on bringing “military” crossover onto the high street in a big way next year, but we do wonder if he’s trying to make money out of old rope.

Finally, we hear exciting news that the 2013 collection from Gallifrey will feature a retro-chic range based on designs from the studio’s classic period. Details are so far sketchy but here’s our wish list of faves: the ever-impractical Thal hole-punched trews (too hot for summer, too cold for winter) from the 1963 “The Daleks” range; the Sydney Opera House-inspired rah-rah sleeves of the 1979 “Horns Of Nimon” collection; the masterly Castrovalvan stacked-bucket hat from 1982; and the unforgettable weather-forecast-and-marigolds ensemble so memorably modelled by Martin Clunes in 1983.

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