Saw director James Wan will helm MacGyver

Hit TV show and frequent source of Simpsons mickey-taking MacGyver is getting a big-screen adaptation, with a less than likely name slated to fill the director’s chair.

James Wan, the director of horror shockers Saw and Insidious , is reportedly set to be helming the project, in one of the more surprising directorial appointments of recent years.

For those of you unfamiliar with the TV show, MacGyver was a secret agent with an aversion to guns and a predilection for homemade gadgets and gizmos. He was the kind of chap who could take down a whole cartel of baddies armed only with a biro and a pack of Blu-Tack.

The character was the loose inspiration for recent parody flick MacGruber , but it seems that film’s flaccid box-office performance hasn’t dissuaded New Line for giving the original a new lease of life.

Wan will be directing from a script originally written by Jason Richman and reworked by Brian and Mark Gunn, with work set to begin on the project in the coming months. As for who should play MacGyver, get those suggestions in to the comments board below…

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