Resident Evil: Retribution footage posted online

“Destructication.” It’s a new one in our vocabulary but that’s the first word that comes to Milla Jovovich’s mind when she sees the devastation in Raccoon City.

Yes, Resident Evil returns to its gaming roots by way of its most famous city – most likely to provide the backstory for rookie Raccoon City Police Officer Leon S. Kennedy (Johann Urb).

And Jovovich is there to provide her own unique commentary on burned out cars and crashed helicopters.

“Just another day at ‘camp evil’!” as she puts it.

The reason we’re not going to argue with her pronunciation has nothing to do with the video showing her gun training. Oh no.

Although we imagine “Easy peasy lemon squeasy” would also be her response if she’d just filled us full of holes.

Resident Evil: Retribution opens 14 September 2012.

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