Resident Evil 7 next-gen upgrade could see game come to PS5 and Xbox Series X according to leak

A Resident Evil 7 next-gen upgrade is on the way, according to a respected series leaker.

Dusk Golem, who is known for revealing Resident Evil 8 ahead of Capcom’s official announcement last year in 2020, claimed that Resident Evil 7 will be getting a next-gen upgrade for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, despite the fact it wasn’t mentioned in the Resident Evil Showcase yesterday on January 21.

I know VR was in at some point, I don’t know the current status. To do VR they need a consistent performance for motion sickness, I guess to see. There is other things that are 100% happening they for some reason didn’t mention here though, like the RE7 Next-Gen patch though. 21, 2021

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It was in this showcase that Capcom revealed a bunch of brand new details surrounding the upcoming Resident Evil 8/Village. Chiefly, the Resident Evil Village release date has been revealed as May 7, so there are just a few more months to wait until we can experience the next harrowing entry in the horror saga. Resident Evil 8 PS4 and Xbox One versions were also confirmed during the showcase.

When Resident Evil 8 launches in May, there’ll be a brand new multiplayer experience accompanying it. Similar to how Resident Evil Resistance launched alongside Resident Evil 3 last year for free, Resident Evil: ReVerse will launch with Resident Evil 8, a competitive multiplayer mode that groups together icons throughout the horror franchise like Leon S. Kennedy, Jack Baker, and more.

Additionally, there’s a brand new Resident Evil Maiden demo out right now for PS5 owners. Instead of being a typical gameplay demo, this demo puts players in the shoes of a prisoner and tasks them with escaping from a castle. If you’re after a more traditional demo, Capcom has promised that a full demo for Resident Evil 8 is arriving at some point this Spring.

It’s a bit puzzling as to why Capcom didn’t reveal the next-gen upgrade for Resident Evil 7 during the showcase yesterday, if it really is happening before Resident Evil 8 launches in May. Any excuse to revisit Capcom’s excellent reboot from 2017 is absolutely fine by us, though.

For everything we noticed yesterday during the gameplay demo for the forthcoming Resident Evil game, you can check out our full Resident Evil 8 gameplay trailer breakdown for more.

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