Mortal Kombat star says his “favorite” fight scene was left out of the movie

The Mortal Kombat movie left many of its kombatants battered, bruised, and downright dismembered in some cases. But, interestingly, the on-screen showdowns weren’t the only fights filmed during production.

Lewis Tan, who plays Cole Young in the 2021 HBO Max release, hinted that some set-pieces were left on the cutting room floor, including his favorite fight scene.

“There are much more fights that didn’t make it including my [favorite] one,” Tan said on Twitter, adding that they might yet appear “on special features.”

There are much more fights that didn’t make it including my faviorte one. Hopefully on special features. #MortalKombatMovie 🔥❤️ 23, 2021

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It’s not known which fights or opponents Tan is talking about. Cole Young had his fair share of Fatality-filled fights during the runtime – including against Mileena and Goro – but it’s clear that certain things were shot that, for one reason or another, weren’t including in the final release.

The reason for that is, partly, the perils of a usual production: there’s almost always too much material. Young clarified and said as much in a follow-up post: “[It’s] very common to cut scenes, most films have enough footage for a 5 hour cut,” he said, before teasing that there was “plenty of stuff left for [a] sequel too.”

Here’s hoping that an extended version of Mortal Kombat, complete with deleted scenes, can be made available one day. If not, there’s always time to get a Zack Snyder’s Justice League-style campaign going. It might just be time to #ReleaseTheKombatKut.

Dive into more of the action with our Mortal Kombat ending breakdown, as well as how a final act tease sets up a sequel.

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