PS5 “will likely be the biggest console launch in history”

Sales of the PS5 could be significantly higher than those of the PS4, potentially making the console’s launch the biggest in history. In a pair of tweets, publisher Christopher Dring said that figures from some markets suggested that Sony’s console was on course for a record-breaking launch.

I have heard numbers in some markets, and they’re much bigger than PS4. And Xbox has already stated that Series S/X is bigger than One. If I can confirm and release the numbers, I willNovember 22, 2020

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Asked why Sony hadn’t been able to keep up with demand for the PS5 at launch, Dring suggested (opens in new tab) that there may have been hard limits in manufacturing or distribution, and that the company likely didn’t undervalue how many people would want to buy the new console. He also suggests, however, that despite those limits, the “PS5 will likely be the biggest console launch in history.”

Exact launch numbers are yet to be confirmed, but Dring says that figures coming out of some markets are “much bigger than PS4.” We do know that the PS5 sold several times more than the Xbox Series X in Japan, and that sales in that country were lower than those for the PS4, but the circumstances this time around are somewhat different. Elsewhere, Microsoft is also boasting of a successful launch, particularly in the UK, claiming that the Series X was “the biggest launch in Xbox history,” although the company isn’t likely to reveal much more detail than that, as Phil Spencer doesn’t want to “change the focus” from engaging players.” Whether Sony will reveal more details remains to be seen, but if Dring’s tweets are accurate, I’d imagine the company will be looking to celebrate its success.

If you’re hoping to contribute to Sony’s potentially record-breaking efforts, check our PS5 price guide to help you snag your new console.

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