Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation: How to get one and enter the Mystery House

Chances are that if you’re looking for a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation, then you’ve found the Mystery House once already. Or you’ve bought an invitation from the Kecleon Shop with no idea what it’s for. This is a new feature added to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX so even if you played the original, this will be new to you. We’ve got a complete explainer on how to get a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation and how to access the Mystery House right here.

How to get a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation

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If you’ve stumbled upon the Mystery House but not found a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation yet, let us help. You’re going to need some coin though because the invitation can exclusively be found in the Kecleon Shop.

Visit the green Kecleon in the town square and peruse its wares. If you’re lucky, he’ll be selling an invitation for 1,000 coins. This is the only way to obtain one so if he’s not got an invitation up for grabs, venture off and complete a dungeon then return the next day to check again.

How to find the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Mystery House

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX invitation

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So you’ve got your hands on an invitation, but where can you find the Mystery House to use it? Unfortunately, it’s quite random. The Mystery House can be a random floor in any dungeon, although from personal experience, it tends to be found later on in the dungeon when you’re just a few floors from the end.

When you use the invitation on the door, what you’ll find inside can vary. Typically, there’ll be some items for you to pick up – often some Max Elixirs and Reviver Seeds – along with some friendly Pokemon. These Pokemon cannot be found elsewhere in the current dungeon, but will often share similar typings. All of them will want to join your adventure, so Mystery Houses are a great way to flesh out your camps.

If it turns out there’s a method to finding Mystery Houses in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, we’ll be sure to update this guide. Until then, make sure you’re carrying at least one invitation through every dungeon and cross your fingers you find one!

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