Pokemon Go Mega Beedrill Raid Counters and how to defeat them

If want Pokemon Go Mega Beedrill raid counters then we have all the info you need to defeat them. When Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokemon Go in 2020, Mega Beedrill was one of the first to be added to the mobile game. Beedrill, the Bug and Poison-type from the Kanto region is not thought of as a powerful Pokemon on its own but once it undergoes Mega Evolution it can be a deadly partner.

Mega Beedrill will only appear in Mega Raids in Pokemon GO, which shifts constantly. Be sure to follow the official Pokemon GO social media channels to know which Mega Pokemon are appearing at any given time. For Mega Beedrill, it returns to Mega Raids at the start of Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3. 

If you’re looking to gain Pokemon Mega Energy, here is everything you need to know about Mega Beedrill and the best Pokemon to use against it in battle. 

Pokemon GO Mega Beedrill Raid counters 

Pokemon GO Mega Beedrill Counters

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Beedrill is a Bug and Poison-type Pokemon and retains that typing upon Mega Evolution. It’s weak to Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic-type attacks.

In Pokemon GO there are plenty of Pokemon that can use powerful moves to take down Mega Beedrill especially of the Fire, Rock and Psychic variety. There are also a few Mega Pokemon trainers can take into battle against Mega Beedrill. Mega Charizard Y, Mega Pidgeot and Mega Houndour give trainers powerful options and typings that resist many of Mega Beedrill’s attacks. 

Psychic types like Mewtwo are also viable options, but trainers will want to be aware of possible Bug-type moves from Mega Beedrill. However, the damage output from the likes of Mewtwo outweighs its weakness to Mega Beedrill’s attacks.

Trainers will want to consider these Pokemon when going up against Mega Beedrill in Pokemon GO Raids: 

Pokemon GO Mega Beedrill Raid counters Pokemon Moveset Mega Charizard YFire Spin and Blast BurnMega PidgeotGust and Brave BirdMewtwoConfusion and PsychicMega HoundourFire Fang and FlamethrowerMetagrossZen Headbutt and PsychicRampardosSmack Down and Rock SlideHo-OhIncinerate and Brave BirdMoltresFire Spin and Sky AttackChandelureFire Spin and OverheatRhyperiorSmack Down and Rock Wrecker

 Pokemon GO Mega Beedrill Moveset

Like many other Raid Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Mega Beedrill has just two Fast Attacks that it will mainly use in battles. Poison Jab is a powerful Poison-type attack, but trainers who bring Rock types like Rampardos and Rhyperior won’t be hurt by it too much. Infestation is Mega Beedrill’s other Fast Attack option and is a Bug-type move. As mentioned above, any Psychic types trainers bring into this battle will want to be aware of it but Flying and Fire types won’t have any problems. 

As for its Charged Attacks, Fell Stinger and X-Scissor – two of Mega Beedrill’s four secondary moves – are Bug so Psychic types beware. Sludge Bomb is a Poison-type move so Rock types won’t have a problem with it. The wildcard move Mega Beedrill can have is Aerial Ace, a Flying-type attack. Rock types are also resistant to this attack.

Here are the attack combinations Mega Beedrill could have in Pokemon GO Raids. 

Pokemon GO Mega Beedrill Moveset Fast Attack Charged Attack Poison JabSludge BombInfestationFell StingerX-ScissorAerial Ace

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