PlayStation Mobiles shutting down, heres how to keep your stuff on Vita

Don’t already have Super Crate Box on PS Vita? For real? That’s, like, the ideal platform for Vlambeer’s breakout 2D shooter. You’d better get on that real quick, because the PlayStation Mobile distribution platform is shutting down later this year.

PlayStation Mobile, which is hosts Super Crate Box and a number of other titles, serves as an all-in-one destination for developers interested in Sony’s handheld platforms. That includes ‘PlayStation certified’ Android devices (hence the Mobile in PlayStation Mobile), though that feature never caught on much outside of Sony’s Xperia line.

Sony’s confirmed (opens in new tab) that PSM will stop selling games as of July 15, but read on for what you should do to keep the stuff you already bought.

If you want to be able to play your PSM games on Vita past September 10, you’ll need to head to Settings > System Activation > PlayStation Mobile, then go through the authentication process. This will give a permanent all-clear signal for your activated PSM titles, and you can keep playing them for the life of your Vita.

What if you own an Xperia Play or some other PlayStation Certified device? First off: sorry. Second off: sometime between April 10 and September 10, you’ll need to open up your PSM app and launch all the purchased content you want to keep.

Either way, make sure you’ve downloaded all the PSM games you want by September 10, because the service is shutting down after that. Between this and the Maps/Near scuttling (opens in new tab), PS Vita’s starting to look a bit gangrenous. But hey, it’s still the only way to play Helldivers (opens in new tab) on the go!

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