New World Winter Convergence event is live right now

New World is celebrating the holidays with a brand new Winter Convergence event.

The new event just went live earlier today on December 16, and will be sticking around for all New World players right through until January 11, 2022. The Holiday season have officially arrived throughout the world of Aeternum, and settlements have been suitably draped with snow, icicles, and other Winter marvels.

⛄ The Winter Convergence is NOW LIVE! Celebrate the winter season in Aeternum! Learn more!🎁 16, 2021

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One of the big new additions with the event is the arrival of the Winter Wanderer in Aeternum. If you can take on repeatable events throughout the world, you’ll earn Holiday Tokens, which you can then turn in at the Holiday Shop for rare cosmetic items, including new armor, weapons, furnishings, skins, consumables, and even more.

Additionally, the Winter Wanderer has set up camp in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood. You can check out any of these locations to take on the Wanderer’s new Winter-themed quest, although the new blog post (opens in new tab) from developer Amazon Game Studios isn’t giving away any clues as to what these quests might be.

Elsewhere, the Winter Warrior has made landfall in Aeternum, and is conjuring up some vicious icy caves. All throughout the Winter Convergence event, you can venture into these icy caves and take on the various yeti monsters that dwell within. Even after the event is over though, the caves themselves will remain, as a reminder of the Winter Warrior’s conquest, according to the devs.

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