Miitopia trailer shows off character creator and battle system

A new Miitopia trailer showcasing the character creator, battle system, and other features has been released by Nintendo.

The latest trailer (opens in new tab) for Miitopia highlights the Mii character creator, which lets you create characters based on anyone you want. Fancy an RPG adventure with your Grandma, Justin Timberlake, and Keanu Reeves? Go for it. 

It’s not just your party that can be made up of your friends, family, and favourite celebrities though. Your Mii friends and creations make up the entire cast of the game all the way from the random NPCs up to the King, and even your arch-nemesis, the Dark Lord.

You can assign your party members with unique jobs, personalities, and battle cries to give them all a unique flavor. The Mii character creator has been given an upgrade in Miitopia too, so you’re not stuck with the default options. New additions include makeup, wigs, and loads of new hairstyles. You can also download Mii characters created by other players, and upload your own creations to share with the world. Your party gets a loyal horse that helps you cross the land and even helps you in battle.

The trailer also showcases the battle system in Miitopia. Your characters have different classes based on the classic RPG archetypes like Mage, Cleric, and Pop Star. You know, the usual stuff. Miitopia is taking a very comedic approach to its story and setting, and we’re loving the chill vibes that it’s giving off so far. 

To spice up the combat, the personality traits you assign your characters actually have an impact on how your Mii characters fight. Stubborn characters may attack twice if their first strike wasn’t perfect, but they can also refuse help from a teammate who tries to heal them.

Miitopia is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on May 21.

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