MGS5 companion app takes the (phantom) pain out of the big world & even bigger story

Want all the 80s anthems of MGS 5 (opens in new tab) in your ears while you plan your stealthy method of attack from your mobile? Of course you do and that’s just what the MGS 5 companion app is for.

Announced on the Konami blog (opens in new tab) alongside today’s new Kojima directed MGS 5 trailer (opens in new tab), the companion app will hook you up to Snake’s iDroid device and view the in game map as you play. It’ll be available to work with the PS4, PS3 and Xbox One versions of the game. Wonder what PC and Xbox 360 did wrong?

“Using the app to navigate allows the player to see the map at all times and see more of the map on the screen than in game,” says the blog. “The app also allows you to listen to all records / music that you obtain as you progress through the game.” It would be safe to assume that just like the Ground Zeroes app where you linked up to the iDroid and unlocked cassettes to listen to at any time, this will be the same for records and music but you’ll probably need to stream them from the app. Ideal for catching up on all that MGS lore while you’re on the bus.

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