Meet the person who built a full-scale replica of Clouds sword in Final Fantasy 7

In the latest episode of Future’s new show, Totally Game, we meet the cosplayer who built an incredible full-size replica of Cloud’s buster sword from Final Fantasy 7. 

We all might have had harboured daydreams about what it would be like to wield the impressive sword from the iconic JRPG, but cosplayer Morgane Jarde decided to create an astonishing version she could call her own. 

The inspiration for this project came from playing Final Fantasy 7 remake (opens in new tab), which isn’t too surprising, considering how we also feel in love with the exquisite take on a modern masterpiece. 

Speaking in Totally Game, Jarde said: “Ever since the new Final Fantasy game came out I’ve been dying to make the huge sword. How cool is it that I can just build a weapon in my own bedroom? I really like the idea of bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, there’s something so special about it.”

Jarde, who also cosplays under the handle Siwen Cosplay, also went into detail about the effort it took to create the sword, which was around 2 weeks worth of work. She said: “The sword looked too shiny and pretty, we want a sword that looks like it has been through countless epic battles, so I had to add some dust and rust.”

Sadly, it’s not the most practical of swords in the real world, considering it’s 6ft tall, but Jarde doesn’t mind too much: “The main reason I like Cloud’s sword is because it’s huge and I have a thing for disproportionate weapons, you can’t fight with it but it looks really cool!”

Totally Game is a weekly show that focuses on the stories of players around the world, from the inspiring tales of people who have overcome difficulties using games to the amazing feats of record breakers. You can catch new episodes every Wednesday on Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and right here on GamesRadar. 

Catch up with the series so far by watching episode two (opens in new tab) here. 

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