Mass Effect team reunite as several BioWare veterans join development of new game

Several of the original Mass Effect development team is returning to Bioware for the next instalment in the series. 

As confirmed by a series of tweets by project director at BioWare Michael Gamble, several key devs including Dusty Everman, Parrish Ley, Brendon Holmes, and Derek Watts will all be working on the latest instalment of the series.

Dusty was one of the key people responsible for bringing the original Normandy to life. Dusty decided to rejoin BioWare to work on the next Mass Effect game. There are more like him. We’ve heard what Mass Effect means to you. 11, 2020

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These names will be familiar to fans of the Mass Effect series. For instance, Derek Watts was the original art director of the series, while Dusty Everman was an original designer, and Parrish Ley was the cinematic director on the original trilogy. On top of this, Brendon Holmes, who is considered an integral part of the BioWare team after working on all four Mass Effect games, as well as multiple Dragon Age titles, is also returning. 

Gamble’s Tweets appeared shortly after a new trailer was revealed at The 2020 Game Awards where fans got their first glimpse of Mass Effect on the next generation and were given an insight as to what to expect from the series moving forward. In the trailer, many things are left ambiguous until series regular Liara is revealed as she exposes an N7 emblem. The trailer then ends with the phrase “Mass Effect Will Continue” confirming that a new title is in the works. 

Last World Premiere of the night!! The new @MassEffect looks AMAZING. @Bioware #TheGameAwards 11, 2020

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Fans were quick to voice their excitement for the future of Mass Effect (opens in new tab) and to show appreciation for the work the returning team has done previously. Gamble seemed to echo this statement ending one of his tweets with “We’ve heard what Mass Effect means to you.” and another with “We dreamed of taking this first step with you, and we know you care about this universe as much as we do.” It seems as though the latest instalment of the Mass Effect series is shaping up to be the game fans have been waiting for.

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